Cal Poly Senior Projects

Senior Projects at Cal Poly I’ve advised:

Nickolas Pilgram (2015): Thermodynamic Effects of a Local Bell State Projection Interaction in a One-Dimensional Dynamic Spin System; followup project Spontaneous Quantum Teleportation in a Quenched Spin Lattice

Dakota Rose (2015): CUORE Image Analysis and CUORE-0 Shifting: A Contribution to the Search for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay

Bonnie Coit (2015): Investigating the theory and experimental results of neutrino oscillations (currently no online version)

George Jing (2015): Using an Android Smartphone to Demonstrate Relativistic Effects at a Reduced Speed of Light (currently no online version)

Matthew Murachver (2014): Centered-Difference Applications for Schrödinger’s Equation

John Sekerak (2014): Ultrasonic Bonding for the CUORE Collaboration

Edward Taylor (2014): Introduction to LIGO and an Experiment Regarding the Quality Factor of Crystalline Silicon

Austen Greene (2013): Image Analysis for the CUORE Collaboration (currently no online version)

Sam Meijer (2013): Contributions to the CUORE Collaboration

Andrew Bianco (2013): Student Contributions to CUORE Collaboration (talk given at California Nevada APS Conference 2013); currently no online version

Ivo Plamenac (2013): Contributions to Background Reduction and Computer Simulations for CUORE & CUORE-0

Jon Macias (2013): Density Functional Theory and the Calculation of TcMg_2O_4 Spinel Lattice Parameters

Richard Mellinger (2012): Aspects of General Relativity in 1+1 Dimensions (co-advised with Dr. Scott Fraser)

David Miller (2012): Building an Alpha Spectrometer for the CUORE Collaboration

Joshua Gearhart (2012): The Quantum Mechanics of Supersymmetry

Randy Lao (2011): A Modular Design for Nuclear Battery Technology

Robin Reil (2010): Liquid Helium Refill Shifts at the Cryogenic Underground Observatory for Rare Events

Leland Gregory (2010): The Usage of Smartphones in the Calculation of Relativistic Time Dilation Effects at Meager Velocities

Laura Sparks (2009): Contributing Efforts in the Search for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay

A link to recent senior projects from the Cal Poly physics department